30 Years of Recruitment Excellence

Pioneers in Specialized Talent Acquisition

For over 30 years, True North Consultants has been at the forefront of the recruitment industry, specializing in technology, finance, legal, and supply chain sectors. Our approach to talent acquisition is rooted in a deep understanding of these dynamic industries, paired with an unwavering commitment to ethical practices and personalized service. We’re not just about filling positions. We’re about forging lasting relationships and ensuring the mutual success of our clients and candidates. Whether you are a professional seeking new opportunities or an organization aiming to enhance your team, we are dedicated to guiding you toward your goals with precision and care.

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Our Team

At the core of True North Consultants is a team of seasoned recruiters who blend expertise in various industries with a passion for people. Our team continually learns and evolves, staying ahead of industry trends to ensure our services remain relevant and effective in an ever-changing professional landscape.

Founder / Recruiter
David Sgro
Senior Executive Recruiter
Dave Sgro