Tips for job seekers

Are you getting the entrepreneurial bug?

Are you feeling tired of the daily grind of going in at putting in your time for your employer? Would you like to have more time off and more flexibility beyond your “vacation time” and “personal time off”? Do you feel underpaid knowing that the consultant that is working down the hall from you is probably making twice the money you are making and doing just about the same kind of work?

Consider contracting. Contracting is a great way to earn more money per hour, provide you more flexibility to take time off when you want to take time off, and offer you exposure and visibility to a variety of companies and professionals that you can network with.

This sounds great but you’re scared you would not be able to get the work. After all you are not a Sales / Marketing professional. True North Consultants can offer contracting opportunities. Let us be your Sales department. You do what you do best, and we’ll find you the contract assignments.

Contact us to learn more about contract opportunities with True North Consultants.

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