Tips for job seekers

December and the Holidays are a great time to be pushing hard on your job search!

Many people think that this holiday time of year is a bad time to be looking for a new job, and companies are not hiring. THIS IS SO UNTRUE!! December is historically a great month for us as far as offers being extended. So don’t take a break or you might miss out on your opportunity of a lifetime.
I think this month can actually be the best time to look for a new position. Companies may suddenly realize they have money to spend before year-end, or may have to fill an open requisition before year end or they may lose the req in their budget next year. Also, others that you may be competing with for a job may be taking the holiday break or going on vacation so it gives you the chance to swoop in and get in front of the line! So don’t take a break if you are serious about making a change. Reach out to your network, wish them a happy holiday, and see if they know of any openings within their organization!

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