Tips for job seekers

Don’t get caught up in the Monday Moaning!!

It’s such a turn off to hear people moan and groan about Mondays and having to go to work. This drives my crazy to hear my son say this about school too. I get it, but this is a bad attitude. I do try to send the message that Monday morning means you have five days ahead of you to make things happen and get things accomplished. If you are not happy with your job then do something about it. Don’t whine about it. Too many people get caught up in just doing their job. I am guilty of this sometimes too and then have to snap out of it because then nothing gets done. When you have the attitude of disliking your job and just get through the week to Friday, you will never realize any change or progression. How do you expect anybody to want to hire you, or move you onto their team, or promote you, or give you more responsibility and meaningful work if you just have the “do my job” attitude? However menial you feel your job is, you should take it as an opportunity to shine and standout. If you shine, you will get opportunities coming your way that you had no idea were out there! Be someone that is positive, and someone others want to be around. Don’t complain. Someone once said the most underrated trait of successful people is positivity. Be positive and shine in whatever it is you’re doing, and your chances of success will be much higher. Love Mondays!!

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