Tips for job seekers

Interview Tip of the week.. Know your numbers!!

I say this over and over and it still remains true, no matter what else might change, the fact is companies will only hire you if they feel you can contribute to the bottom line! Otherwise why would they hire you? You must show that you can make the company more money by bringing in more revenue, save the company time or money somehow, or change processes / procedures to save time and money. So you must be prepared to talk about these things. Use your numbers to your advantage. BE SPECIFIC!! How much money did you save? “Successfully reduced the cost of shipping by $250,000 in 2014 by doing xyz”. If you can’t use the exact dollar amount, then use percentages. “reduced costs by 65% by doing xyz”, “generated $1.5 million in new business by bringing in 3 new key clients”. Don’t just tell the employer what the result was, tell them how you got the result and how you made that decision. Know your numbers and have them prepared to talk about. You should know these figures like the back of your hand!! BRAG ABOUT IT!

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