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Resume writing tip – Don’t use objectives!

I don’t like to see objectives on resumes. More times than not it will exclude you from consideration for an interview.

Employers don’t care what your objectives are for the most part. Objectives are all about what you want, and employers don’t care about that. They are only concerned with what they want! They are the ones “buying” you and your talents. If you are going out to purchase a product, do you care what the seller wants? No! You are the buyer in that situation and only care what you want. It’s the same when selling yourself to a potential employer. I have seen objectives that say absolutely nothing, and 99% of the time it isn’t going to match up to what the employer wants. Besides, you have no idea what they want. You are supposed to sell yourself with your resume. In sales, the idea is to find out what the buyer wants first, and then give it to them, not present them with something and say “this is what you want”. How do you know what they want unless you are a mind reader?!

I never take a resume objective seriously, and I expect most hiring managers don’t either. If it is taken seriously, it typically will eliminate you as a candidate.

Keep your resume to what you have done for your previous employers, and how you helped them by making them money, saving them money, or changing some process that contributed to their BOTTOM LINE FINANCIALLY. If you cannot help them in that regard, why should they hire you?

What YOU want should have nothing to do with your resume. So look at your resume and ask yourself if your objective will help you get hired.


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