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SOURCING talent: The key to hiring the best of the best, not just the best of those looking for a new job.

Sourcing is the lifeline for companies seeking the best talent. Without a dedicated sourcing function, a company relies solely on the fraction of individuals actively seeking employment and applying to job openings. This narrow approach severely restricts access to talent, as it overlooks the vast majority of professionals who aren’t actively job hunting.

Consider the talent pool as a vast ocean, with only a small surface representing those actively looking for work. Relying solely on this visible portion is akin to fishing with a single net in a vast sea. The probability of consistently capturing the strongest talent diminishes significantly.

Investing in sourcing signifies a commitment to excellence in talent acquisition. By proactively reaching out to the 85% of individuals not actively seeking jobs, companies expand their reach and access to top-tier candidates. This proactive outbound sourcing approach complements reactive inbound efforts, forming a comprehensive talent acquisition strategy.

Yet, some companies hesitate due to concerns about the relatively low percentage of hires attributed to proactive sourcing efforts. However, the value of sourcing transcends mere numbers. It’s about securing a sustainable competitive advantage by attracting the best talent, which ultimately drives innovation and growth.

While cutting sourcing may offer short-term cost savings, it jeopardizes the long-term vitality of the organization. Talent acquisition is the cornerstone of success, as effective talent management and retention depend on recruiting top performers. Without proactive sourcing, companies risk stagnation and being outpaced by competitors who prioritize building robust talent pipelines.

In essence, sourcing isn’t just an expense; it’s an investment in the future viability and competitiveness of the company. Embracing a total talent strategy, encompassing both inbound and outbound sourcing, ensures a steady influx of high-caliber professionals, positioning the company for sustained success in a dynamic marketplace.

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