Tips for job seekers

Such a turn off

One thing that really turns off recruiters (or at least this recruiter), as much as we know not everyone is happy in their job, is hearing the negative talk about their job.  I personally get so turned off by it, I now eliminate many of these trash talkers from consideration for jobs.  Be positive and fake it if you have to. 

Taking this a step further, I think people should avoid any talk about not enjoying their job even in day to day conversations, and especially to customers, co-workers, and on their social media sites. It amazes me how many people complain about their job to customers, the ones that they are supposed to be serving. Also, putting stuff out on Facebook or Twitter about how you can’t wait for the end of the day Friday, or how you hate Monday morning because you have to go back to your job, is risky.  Potential employers, or current employers, can and will see this.  It is a huge turn off.  All the sad talk and “down in the dumps” talk is a turn off. Who wants to be around that? Not likely people that are in a position to hire you!

Stay positive and fake it if you have to. The positive attitude will open up more doors just because people want to be around positive people!


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