Tips for job seekers

When searching for a job, NETWORK!

There are many ways to look for a new job. Contrary to what many people think, just searching the job boards most of the time does not land you a job, or at least the job you really deserve. Where you should spend most of your time is working your network.

Think about how many people you know from friends, family, ex-colleagues, current colleagues, associations, hobbies and outside interests, your kids’ friends parents, etc.  List out which ones make most sense to approach first and what you would like to get from your conversations with them. Job leads, who do they know, advice, opinions, are all things you might be able to obtain Think about what you would like to get from each meeting. Draw up a list of points appropriate to discuss with that person. Short of asking for a job there’s a variety of things about which you can seek advice and opinions.  Most people feel happy when they help others and derive pleasure from this. These folks normally will bend over backwards to try and help you.  So capitalize on your network. One day they need your help and I’m sure you would gladly return the favor!


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