Tips for job seekers

A couple more resume writing tips

When preparing your resume to submit on a job, here are a couple of pointers that have come up in some recent discussions.
(1.) Tailor only your relevant or applicable skills to the role you’re applying for. This means re-writing parts of your resume every time you apply for a different job, even though jobs may be similar or with the same title, different companies look for different tool-sets and skills which are usually all outlined in the job descriptions.

(2.) Don’t just list duties and responsibilities like it was just copied and pasted from some HR job description. Companies hire people because they can generate more revenue, reduce expenses, or somehow change a process that contributes to the bottom line of the organization. These are the things you want on your resume. How did you make the company money or save them money? Be specific and put down the $$ amount you saved them, or at least put a percentage down. For example, “Automated xyz process saving the company $1.2 million over two years” or “increased revenue 48% in 2014 by doing x…”

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