Tips for job seekers

What is your motivation?

As a recruiter, I am most interested in know what your motivations are from a professional and personal standpoint. I want you as a job seeker to be crystal clear about what you are looking for in your next job, why you want to leave your present position, and why NOW is a good time to leave. If I get the sense that there is uncertainty here, or the job seeker is kicking tires without a clear purpose, I won’t work with that candidate at this present time. That’s not saying this won’t change in the future, but WHY IS NOW THE TIME?
I want to know which values are most important to you right now? What are your priorities? What are you missing in your current job that you are going to look for in your next job? What kind of opportunity will allow you to do your best work? What kind of culture and values do you want in your next employer? You may have to give up certain things and let go of certain thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs about work in order to attract different opportunities? Are you prepared to do this? Is your family completely 100% bought in to your plans?
Before contacting a recruiter, be prepared to discuss these things for clarity purposes. I want to know these things so that I can deliver to you what you want and know that if I can put the important things in front of you, you are going to be excited and follow through and make the change with confidence.

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