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When going on an interview, make sure to prepare questions!!

So the interview is going along great. You have answered all the technical questions perfectly. Their seems to be some good chemistry going on between you and the interview team. The interview is approaching conclusion and you really think you nailed this one. “They love me”, your’re thinking. The interviewer is getting ready to wrap things up and asks you “So do you have any questions for us?”. Your response is “No I think I’m good!”.

Huh? The interviewer is now wondering why you’re there. Is this person really interested in this job? Not a single question? No questions is a sure fire way to send the message that you really don’t care if you get this job or not.

Prepare at least 5 good questions for each interviewer in advance of the interview. Depending on the interviewer you should ask appropriate questions.

1. For technical team members, not in management roles, ask technical questions. Ask what they like about working there. Ask about the equipment they use, or what exciting projects they have worked on.

2. For managers and C-Level interviewers, you will want to ask questions around the business, the goals of the company, or the department, what things you can do to immediately effect the BOTTOM LINE if hired. The bottom line is what these people are most interested in. Review the web site and prepare some questions around something you saw on the web site. This shows you did your homework and investigated the company prior to going on the interview.

3. Never, ever ask questions around pay, benefits, hours, vacation time etc.  Save these questions for later if it appears you’re getting an offer. Utilize your recruiter to help with these kinds of questions. 

Dave Sgro



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